Calia- Owner & Early Education Music Teacher

Calia is so glad to be serving children by making music dynamic, fun, and teachable which helps to build confidence in young minds.  She has pursued theater, early education, as well as leading children's theater camps... and morphed all these experiences into her music teaching curriculum.  These classes are designed to vary for either a mixed age group or an age specific one.  She hopes to bring her classes to you and enrich your arts offering within your children's program.

My Education

  • Extension Child Development

  • Musical Theater Intensive

  • Theater Arts, B.A. UCSC

  • Hollywood High School

Alyssa-Music Teacher (Flute Specialty)

Alyssa began studying music at a very young age and discovered a passion for flute, voice, and piano. She is excited by all the positive impacts music can have on a child’s development, and hopes to help grow your children’s confidence and cultivate their talents. She aims to instill her same passion for music into children by creating a fun, inspiring, and positive environment. She has recently graduated with a BA in Music from Azusa Pacific University,and is also available to teach private flute lessons for beginner to intermediate levels.  

Dragon-Music Teacher (Birthday Party Enthusiast)

Dragon was first introduced to music, dance, and music theory at 2 years old, through a TV show called Hi-5.  Ever since then, she loved singing, dancing, and music.  She took piano lessons (and the Trinity Guildhall music examinations the school offered) through 12th grade in high school, and in college, bought herself a guitar and started learning how to play that!  She believes music can be an educational, yet fun way to explore the world, and loves to share it with others, which is why she took on this position and is also studying to be a kindergarten teacher.

Lorraine-Music Teacher (Birthday Party Enthusiast)

Music allows me to get my creative juices flowing while also serving as a link to connect with others. For me, I credit so much of my creativity and inspiration to music and because of this, music has taught me so much about life. In many ways actually, I think music is analogous to life in the sense that music takes hard work, dedication, patience, and a little bit of faith to progress. And I think this is an excellent lesson to instill for young kids, especially during such an early time in their development. Educating kids through music is fun and entertaining, hopefully also creating a positive yet memorable life experience.

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