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Class offerings are adaptable to the age groups and speficic needs at your childcare program.

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Age Specific Music class

This class is crafted for a specific age group in mind.  Their age specific developments are the focus of the class. Which makes the flow of the class most productive. Our focus is on growing the musical vocabulary, learning rhythms, understanding tones through the scale (Do-Re-Mi), speech skills,  team building, and imaginative play.  This is a more fast paced and active class. It is one day a week for 45 minutes.


All Ages Music Class

This class fits the needs for a mixed ages group. Activities are a mix of baby development and toddler milestone activities. Every child gets to experience a challenge. The babies hear nursery rhymes while older children sing along.  The children explore percussion instruments while the babies work on grasping and eye tracking.  Peekaboo and story time are favorites for both ages. This class is more calm with some physicality intertwined. It is one day a week for 45 minutes.  


CHILDREN'S Birthday Parties

$150-This is an hour of  music entertainment and activities for any children's birthday party.  An individualized song will be crafted for your child as well as a digital copy for your enjoyment. There will be educational age appropriate games based on a theme you provide.  There are already possible themes of: seasons, around the world, space, zoo day, and broadway. Any theme you have can be can be creatively cultivated to your liking.  What a personal, hands on, educational way to rock out on your B-Day! Please inquire for bookings. More information can be found by clicking here.


Quiet Time Felt Book - Buy Here

Quiet Time Felt Book -Buy Here

Eight Awesome Planets- Buy Here

Eight Awesome Planets-Buy Here

Hello My Dear
Calia Knutson

Original Ukulele Song

 $50/Song for your business — An original song is composed and recorded for you.  This could be for any occasion such as: branding, lesson plan enhancement, or holiday.

$25/Song for individual child — A playful song that is meant for one child in mind.  This may be for a birthday, promotion to next grade level, or encouragement.

Craft Felt Finger puppets & ECT.

$5-20/Felt finger puppets — Unique choice of felt packs.  The pack theme may be: numbers, letters, animals, shapes, days of the week, or weather icons for interactive circle time.

$10/Quiet time felt book for toddlers — A felt book with a pocket to keep felt icons.  This book latches closed with a button or ribbon and engages the mind for imaginative play.

*All Resources for purchase can be found on the "News + Notes" page on this website.