Happy Clients

Thank you so much for the special music jam session in the park. Not only did we all love the singing (you have a beautiful voice) but you kept the kids engaged with the drums, bubbles, xylophone, piano mat, and beach balls. It was the perfect addition to our Moms Club play date group. Your inclusiveness of all the children was great.
— Moms Club of Hermosa Beach
We would like to recognize Teacher Calia for her outstanding work with kids. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, cheerful and has great customer service skills. Teacher Calia has helped our baby boy channel his energy to become more active and social! Without a doubt, this accelerated his learning process. Thank you Teacher Calia!
— Sivan & Matvey

Thank you soooo much for taking care of Marco.  He is all over the place sometimes, but you helped him to try new things.  He loves learning while playing music with you at school. I am so happy that you were one of his teachers this year.

— Bianca

It has been amazing for my son getting to know all of the friendly faces in class!  He had the best time creating beautiful music and having lots of laughs with you.  Thanks for all you did with him.

— Mrs. MArks

Thank you for the wonderful foundation you have given Mills to build upon.  He responds so well to your enthusiasm and the fact that you're gentle when he is tentative - Yet you succeed in pushing him to test his limits.

— Ellie

You made quite an impression on Ava. When she hears your songs or plays music she says, "Teacher CALIA!" Good luck with your career. Though Ava is graduating please keep us posted. We will greatly miss you.

— Lupe


Thank you Teacher Calia for teaching us. I liked learning how to play games. I liked doing Do-Re-Mi. Thank you again.

— Aiden (age 5)

You are a great teacher. I love our class. I liked circle time!

— Sahira (Age 4)

Thanks for the high-fives whenever I sing in class.

— Kadan (Age 4)

You are great. Thank you for sharing your instruments with us.  I really liked the different sounds.

— Lillian (Age 5)