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Music Moves In Me is helping young minds to grow inside and out through discovering music!


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What is the objective of Music Moves IN ME?

The purpose of this class is to introduce the basic music concepts, structure, expression, and theory with movement.  You will notice how children start to express themselves creatively. Playing and discovering music has so many benefits. They will specifically:

  • Learn to match short phrases

  • Learn solfege (Do-Re-Mi)

  • Become aware of sequence

  • Discover tempo & music dynamics

  • Match fun movements to rhythm

What types of curriculum are taught in these classes?

Your little ones will be vocalizing, listening, creating short music pieces, discovering percussion instruments, and incorporating memory enhancing rhythmic movements.  The class will work as a team in a circle time setting, which makes understanding content more dynamic for young minds.  The relaxing ukulele will be the most featured instrument.  We will explores various music genres and world music.  With continued engagement the children will grow their musical knowledge,  and abilities to demonstrate them.

Are the children in my program too young?

Hearing language through music is great for all ages.  Music has a calming effect with children.  Music helps mental, emotional, and even social development. 


I have a very active group, how Will the children in my program be able to engage and participate?

There is no such thing as to active for this music class.  Children grow and learn through their play, which is essential to class.  We meet that energy with fun active movements which are incorporated in each class. Even just being in class while hearing different types of music maximizes learning and helps with memory and recognizing patterns. This is great for math and language development. The more they attend the more familiar they become.  In turn they participate more.  This is why there are two class offerings (age specific or all ages music class) for flexibility.

How is this music class unique from other offerings?

Early education concepts have been combined with the introductory of basic music concepts, structure, expression, theory, and movement. This class uses music to enhance development with the world around them.  In class we include activities that require teamwork.  This creates a base for continued social growth which all children need. We incorporate:

  • Rotating game-like content which changes through the year for continued excitement. There are six units a year so content can be retained.

  • We immerse calendar holidays in curriculum so children learn how time passes.

  • Music and felt puppets are for sale to bridge continued learning at program center and at home.